Looking after your best interests...

Here is how EAC & CME has been working on your behalf.

Some of the items that CME has realized success on include:

  • Capital Tax Elimination—$190 million per year in savings
  • Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance—CME was able to get the government to provide 10-years of certainty.
  • Instrumental in getting a corporate tax-rate reduction to 10% in Ontario and a total of 25% combined.
  • Harmonized Sales Tax—meaning $500 million in administrative reductions and $4.5 billion in tax reductions to value-added businesses in Ontario.
  • Permanent retention of the Industrial Exception under the P.Eng. Act—Avoidance of $100 million in costs.
  • Successful in establishing a comprehensive trade agreement with the E.U.
  • CME has been recognized by the Ottawa Hill Times as Canada’s most successful and active lobby group.
  • We were able to influence a multi-year freeze to the WSIB premium rates.
  • Were able to get the unfunded liability reduced from $14 billion to $7 billion
  • CME has been able to obtain over$110 million in direct funding support for manufacturers since 2008 to help them improve productivity, expand internationally, increase energy efficiency, adopt new technologies and increase competitiveness through CME’s SMART programs.
  • CME Safety Groups (3) have received close to $40 Million in rebates since the inception of the program in 2011.  CME is also proud to be a founding member of the WSIB Safety group program.