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Hydro One is an active member with the EAC.  During this time, we have found the EAC to be an invaluable partner and leader in occupational health and safety in Ontario.

Partnering with the EAC has kept Hydro One informed on the latest issues, developments and changes in legislation as it relates to health and safety management.  EAC provides a valuable network of employers as well as access to leaders of the governing bodies such as the WSIB, the Ministry of Labour, etc.

Hydro One has taken advantage of the training programs available at the EAC to develop our new staff.  I would strongly recommend the EAC to all Ontario employers who wish to manage the controllable costs of accident and injury in the workplace.

Jim Harding, Hydro One Burlington


I found the workshops that I have attended have been excellent.  There is always more one can learn about the WSIB process.  I feel the smaller sessions provided more opportunity for interaction and offered the opportunity for participants to ask about various scenarios in their workplaces.  Keep up the good work!

Carol Coleman, Reg N DOH COHN(C), Occupational Health Coordinator, John Noble Home

It was my pleasure to have participated in your NEER workshop - I have learned a lot.

Luisa Coutinho, Human Resources Generalist, Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

Safety Groups

The EAC Safety Group program has helped us to achieve compliance with the Ministry of Labour (MoL) requirements and further strengthen our existing program through exposure to best practices.

Marjorie Skalin,  Knoll North America Corp.

Safety Groups is a great networking opportunity to share best practices in our efforts towards a common goal...'A Safe & Healthful Workplace.'  The Road to Zero is possible and is paved in part by the Safety Groups.

Rod Mooring, Massiv Die-Form

Business Summits

I have attended a number of EAC Business Summits and have found them to be very informative with excellent speakers and relevant content.  The Business Summit is #1 on my list of workshops to attend during the year.  I would highly recommend this workshop, you won't be disappointed.

Gerry Walsh, AOC Resins and Coatings Company

It was very well organized.  The topics were very relevant.  The concurrent workshops were not only helpful but became an opportunity for networking and more learning.  I look forward to the next Business Summit.

Bing Sison, Direct Energy

Training on Demand

The topics covered were just what I was looking for.  There were no outstanding topics that needed more clarity.  John Salmon was a great instructor and he gave us a much better understanding of how Z462 is going to affect us.  I have already received requests for another session which we would like to hold early in the New Year.

Ken Mercer, Safety Coordinator, Lafarge ECAN - Ready Mix

WSIB Claims Management and the Return to Work process provides significant challenges for many companies.  Quality training in this area was implemented by our organization as an investment and the rewards were evident right away.  Managers and supervisors walked away with key information on how to manage WSIB claims and the Return to Work process.  There was plenty of opportunity for supervisors to get their questions answered in a way that was specific to our organization.  We would recommend this training for any company that wants to be more effective in its management of WSIB claims.

Kelly Lawson, Human Resources Coordinator, Wesway

The Employer's Voice:

Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.  The depth and breadth of information in your articles is most appreciated and will serve as a great resource. 

Flamboro Downs, Karen Kitney

Another interesting newsletter.  Thank you. 

Imperial Oil Limited, Rosa Fiorentino

Each month I look forward to reading this newsletter.  The information is always useful and up-to-date.  I'll be using your information Bill 118 - Ontario's new law prohibiting the use of Hand-Held Cell Phones and other Hand-Held Devices as a source of information for our next company Safety Talk.  I particularly enjoy reading the MoL and WSIB articles.  Continue the great work!

J.B. Merchandise Design Inc., Susan Buckland

EAC Policy & Legislative Commitee:

Thanks for the invite to the EAC Policy Committee...I wanted to attend so I could observe, first hand, exactly what types of issues the EAC was involved in through this committee; I was not disappointed.

As we all know, there are so many contentious issues surrounding the WSIB, it's extremely important that this group, on behalf of employers, be directly involved and keep the fingers on the pulse to ensure some common sense is applied.

I believe I would find it very worthwhile and hopefully I could contribute to the committee's efforts in some way.

Rick Bayliss, Manitoulin Transport